Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thomas & Friends Storytime Collection - 35 Books 英國代購 直送 香港

囝 囝至愛,Thomas & Friends,睇極都唔嚴,圖書館又唔齊,搵到又甩皮甩骨,香港賣又好貴,商x 要成 HK$46/本,依家係英國訂番黎 35本都只係 HK$380,平均一本都係 HK$10.8 買套番屋企擺係 reading corner 幾時睇都得 !

[157UK] Thomas & Friends Books Set - 35 Books
葵涌門市自取,HK$28 順豐(工商),HK$33(宅急便)

Cut Order 10/10 (Fri) 19:00 (以入數計)

預計 4 星期後空運抵港 !

35 books as below :
Race to the Rescue
Stafford Gets Stuck
The Giant Magnet
Scruff Gets Clean
Kevin Meets Cranky
The Lost Puff
The Sounds of Sodor
Don't Bother Victor!
Thomas and Scruff
Percy's New Friends
Thomas and the Piglets
Edward the Hero
Snowy Tracks
Bubble Trouble
On Misty Island
The Runaway Kite
Creaky Cranky
Buzzy Bees
Fire Engine Flynn
The Tall Friend
Thomas' Crazy Day
Not Now Charlie!
No Snow for Thomas
Henry's Hero
Thomas Takes Time
Gordon Runs Dry
Noisy Stafford
The Big Surprise
Thomas Scares the Crows
Happy Hiro
Express Coming Through!
James to the Rescue
Flash! Bang! Wallop!
Belle's New Friend
Busy Engines


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