Saturday, 22 June 2013


小朋友半夜漏尿就最麻煩,起身換衫換床單不特止,至怕佢凍親病病就慘。擁有龐大母嬰市場的美國 HUGGIES 就好細心出左夜用片片,咁就唔怕漏尿啦,仲有靚靚既小仙子 & 蜘蛛俠圖案添


Size : S/M
Qty : 78 pcs
Weight : 38-65 lbs

Size : L/XL (without faries/spider print)
Qty : 60 pcs
Weight : 60-125 lbs


These underpants come with a breathable and soft outer layer to give your kid a dry and comfortable feel. These pants can be worn under nightwear or pajamas. They are designed to provide a comfortable fit and proper coverage. These pants have soft layers to absorb and trap moisture in. They also prevent moisture from going back to the top layer.

Suitable for:
Huggies Goodnites Underwear for Girls can make bedtime fun for you and your baby. This absorbent underwear comes with age appropriate graphics for baby fun.

Soft, quiet fabric
Designed for prolonged use
Comfortable feel
Cool Graphics


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